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  • By Melisa Carlucci

    Pain Should Never Be Perceived As Being Normal

    You've likely had people tell you that chronic pain is a part of getting old and that it is something to simply tolerate.

    Chronic pain is simply inexcusable. Discomfort of any type is basically your body's way of letting you know that a problem exists.

    This in-built system of alerts is not unlike the smoke detector that you have in your home. This unit lets you know that a fire has started. Your pain, like the dectector, means that there is an underlying problem. To get rid of the pain in any long-term fashion, you must get rid of the underlying issue first.

    Traditional medicine has a focus on eliminating the pain itself through painkillers or surgical interventions which have side effects and risks to your body.

    A very different approach is used with natural medicine, which instead focuses on addressing the underlying cause through pain-free and natural remedies that do not entails risks or side effects such as:

    Therapy With Cold Laser

    Spinal Manipulation And Adjustment

    DTS Therapies

    Massage Therapies


    Exercise Therapy

    Customized Orthotics

    Diagnostic Imaging

    Micro-current Therapy

    Ultrasound Technologies

    E. M. S.

    Cryo Therapies

    Interferential Stimuli

    Spinal Manipulation Therapies

    Decompression Of The Spine

    A Dallas GA chiropractic professional will review your medical history and learn more about the medical histories of your loved ones. He or she will perform an examination of your neck and spine after having obtained x-rays to establish a custom care plan.

    Your chiropractic physician may find your pain originates from osteoarthritis. Your pain could be more complex and complicated, and you may need a surgical consult.

    You will receive a free, initial consultation at the Dallas GA chiropractic clinic to find out whether or not this type of care is the best thing for you. Chiropractors are highly trained and this is training that your primary doctor does not have. These two professionals can work together to use their specific skills to meet your needs.

    Choose a chiropractic doctor who will listen to and acknowledge your health goals and needs. He or she should use the most current, natural remedies for boosting your health and life quality.

    Safe and natural approaches will be used by a Dallas GA chiropractic professional to advance the natural healing process. Natural pain relief options should not cause discomfort or pain. Discover how natural medicine is rich with healing potential.

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