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  • By Virginia Morgan

    Majority of the time, the process of opening a chain store begins with filling out a questionnaire or application. The applicant needs to provide information which will be used by the parent company to find out whether or not the applicant is a good candidate for running and owning one.

    The company will conduct an interview if they feel that the candidate is competent. Aside from providing financial documentation, the applicant need to eventually prove that he or she is ready to run a Barre franchise. In addition, opening the chain store itself means paying a licensing fee to the parent company.

    The chain shop application often includes the names of all the applicants. The application would require them to indicate how familiar they are with the brands as well as products, their financial state and how much experience they have in terms of running such kind of business. A strong application is required in order to show partners that they do not only have access to financing, but are familiar with the industry as well. For instance, a person who wishes to venture into a studio chain needs to have management experience in a similar business.

    It cannot be denied that opening a studio involves high startup fees. Aside from the licensing fee, applicants need to pay for other starting costs such as renting or buying real estate. It is important to have access to finance partners or lines of credit. If not, applicants might feel that these can be too much for them.

    One thing that applicants should keep in mind is that the ROI will certainly take time. The advantage of starting a chain shop is that promotional items are already provided. Furthermore, the company is already recognized, known and liked.

    Monthly or weekly fees are required by the parent store at the same time. On top of that, the application indicates the legal disclosures just like the detailed average startup expenses and the rules created by the parent company. These should not only be read, but more importantly comprehended. It is something that applicants should take seriously. They are prone to violating the terms if they do not do so and this might lead to a legal suit.

    The information in the initial chain store application will be reviewed carefully. Majority of the time, a letter of rejection will be sent if the company feels that the applicant is not capable of owning or running the business. They will provide a detailed explanation as to what problems were seen on the application.

    In case the problems can be fixed, the information that the application provided can still be used if he or she want to apply again in the future. If, for example, the applicant initially did not appear to be financially stable, he or she can find another source of financing or applicant so that the parent company can be reassured that the chain establishment is suitable for the applicants. Majority of the time, guidance will be provided by a phenomenal team of mentors. However, a personal touch of the applicant is still needed.

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